Jazz 013

Jazz 013 is an original Jazz based drum play along song from FREE Drumless Tracks. Drummers can jam along to this tune while practicing their groove, drum fills and more. Each song will start you off with a 4 or 8 count click. The rest is on you! Feel free to be creative. There’s no one specific way to play over these tracks. That’s the fun part! We provide the music, minus drums, and let you do your thing. Some of our tracks also include percussion click tracks during the entire song to help you with your tempo as well as adding some extra instrumentation to the track. 

Have fun jamming along to this drumless track and check out our entire collection in the styles of Funk, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Fusion and more. So practice your chops, make a YouTube or Instagram video or maybe just work on your pocket.

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Composer: Andre Forbes
Title: Jazz 013
Tempo: 102bpm