FDT Jingle Bells REMIX

‘FDT Jingle Bells REMIX’ is a fun and exciting instrumental remix of the classic holiday song, Jingle Bells. Don’t let the title fool you though. This product gives you an awesome mix of soulful gospel progressions and chords, a solid funk groove, and crazy jazz fusion licks and hits. If you’re a drummer looking for an exciting song to play, this is it! But this product is not just for drummers. This product also includes:

a fully played demonstration track
a version with no drums
a version with no bass
a version with no drums and bass
a version with no piano
a version with no auxiliary instruments
a 3 minute percussion loop

And there are even more variations of the song included! You can stream the demonstration and drumless versions of the song below or buy the product to download all mp3s.

Composer: Andre Forbes
Title: FDT Jingle Bells REMIX
Tempo: 100bpm